The battle between the Soul-eater and the Cranky-Bloated-WeirdHaired-girl

It seems like this blog is all about small victories, so the following are some of my most recent ones.I have this app that keeps track of my period and other period-related stuff. I have been faithfully using it for a while now, so it is becoming pretty good at predicting my future. Since theContinue reading “The battle between the Soul-eater and the Cranky-Bloated-WeirdHaired-girl”

Monday’s should be listed as hard drugs

If it isn’t clear enough yet, the reason I created this blog was to see if I can be proud of keeping up with a project by the time I’m 30 years old, and such event will happen in three years. Three to thirty. You got it, Right? I am probably repeating myself unnecessarily –Continue reading “Monday’s should be listed as hard drugs”

End of the world choices

. As we face what is probably the biggest challenge my generation has faced so far (considering that unfortunately most of us are basically blind to or in denial of all the other messed up stuff going on in the world before COVID19, like our planet being a boiling pot of environmental problems just toContinue reading “End of the world choices”

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